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Programming with LibreLogo

LibreLogo is a dialect of the programming language Logo, which was developed as a tool both to introduce to programming and to provide a better understanding of mathematics. Basically a mechanical turtle was programmed from a computer. In later editions the mechanical turtle was replaced by a turtle like symbol on the screen and the language was expanded. LibreLogo can do more than moving the turtle, but since it probably is the turtle graphics that will be used by most people, I have placed the most emphasis on that part.

This introduction was first written for the LibreLogo used in LibreOffice version 4.2 and then updated to version 5.0.

What makes Logo different from other programming languages is the turtle. Getting the turtle to draw more or less complex shapes on the screen require the programmer to be precise in writing, in logic and in mathematics. Since the results of the programming become visible in an understandable manner as soon as the program is executed, this also provides motivation in the art of programming. If the required triangle becomes anything other than a triangle, it is up to the programmer to figure out what is wrong in the program. Did you wonder why Logo sometimes is called “Turtle graphics”?

Logo is also used with good results in teaching mathematics. The big problem is that teachers in the discipline has too little knowledge of Logo. As far as I know, there has not been any systematic research on the use of Logo in the classroom. When I tried it, around 1980, the result was very good. The only problem was that the computers were placed in a separate computer lab, not in the classroom.

Using this site

The menu on the left side contains headings for the various pages. Starting at the top, reading down, are the headings for a step-by-step introduction to programming with LibreLogo from the command line.

Notation and command names

As with all programming languages, LibreLogo has rules for writing commands. LibreLogo has in some cases more than one name for the same command. On these pages I use only one name so as not to confuse the reader. A complete list of all names is in “Commands” in the menu. There is a command overview in the Help section for LibreLogo.

In the lists of commands, each command is clickable, opening to where that command is explained.

Why this site?

When I discovered LibreLogo, maybe I become a little nostalgic. I had not used Logo since around 1980, and realized I needed to brush up my mind a bit. There was little to find about programming in LibreLogo, so I started writing this simple introduction. Logo is in fact fun.

Thanks to the proofreaders and other helpers in the LibreOffice user group.


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